Featured Desem Breads

The loaves come out of the oven – crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. These are the hallmarks of the European-inspired, naturally leavened loaves featuring a sourdough starter. Desem breads are also well known for what’s not in them – no added commercial yeast, oil, sugar or honey. In the ‘Desem’ fermentation process, a natural culture occurs that allows the bread to rise. At Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company, it all starts with our own freshly ground organic whole grain flour made from Red Fife, Spelt and Rye, as well as other grains. A growing appreciation for the Desem style of nutrient-rich sourdough baking demands the use of a brick oven to bring out the finer details, as was done in Europe for centuries. This is where our brick oven upstairs at our bakery in Wolseley is at its best. Try these finely crafted Desem breads, including our:

  • Fig walnut / Olive rosemary
  • Heavy German Rye
  • Multigrain sourdough
  • Onion Rye.
  • Potato dill
  • Spelt sourdough

Also emerging fresh from this oven are Ciabatta buns and baguettes, and the occasional pizza. Enjoy!