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Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company and Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen acknowledge that we are located on the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabeg, Dakota, and Ininiwak. We would also like to acknowledge the other First Nations such as the Anish-Ininiwak, Dene, and Nehethowuk, who gathered at this ancient site sharing these lands and waterways. We acknowledge that we are on the homeland of the Métis and are grateful to the First Nations of Treaty One who agreed to share this beautiful prairie land, giving us the opportunity to cook and bake for you.

We opened Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company in Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood in 1990. The foundation of Tall Grass has always been based on baking with heritage varieties of organic wheat, grown by Manitoba farmers, milling our own flour and baking from scratch.

More than 30 years later, there are two Tall Grass bakery locations: one in Wolseley and the other at The Forks Market, along with Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen. We use Red Fife wheat in our bakery, a tasty, nutty ancient variety. It joined Spelt, another ancient grain, known for its low glycemic index and lower gluten content. As bakers in the land where we live and work, we consider it an honour to bake with these two ancient grains.



[WINNIPEG, May 16, 2023]

Summer's on its way!

At Tall Grass Bakery one true indicator of increased sunshine and longer days of spring and then summer is the introduction of these two breads.


When the farmers begin their spring seeding, a date which varies depending upon whether this season comes early, late or somewhere in between – Tall Grass stops making the Harvest loaf, and begins baking Savoury dill bread (at the Wolseley Bakery) also known as Summer song (at The Forks Market).

This loaf combines white organic flour with whole wheat, as well as wheat and rye sourdough starter, and commercial yeast. A variety of herbs such as chives, green onions, parsley, garlic, and a good portion of dill add several layers of tastiness to this light, fluffy and flavourful loaf. Just the bread with which to celebrate the new seasons!
(Spring & Summer)

May is for Mums!

Queen Elizabeth Cake:
treat the mother in your life

Created especially for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, this cake was so loved by Her Majesty that she declared that all people in The Commonwealth should have access to the recipe. The cake was particularly popular on the Canadian Prairies, where money would be collected for the poor, following the wishes of Her Majesty. The story goes that even in tough times, community gatherings included a shiny tin can for charitable donations, on the table next to the cake.

Queen Elizabeth Cake

Pre-Paid pickup and delivery orders

We welcome you to our bakeries for in-person shopping, and also continue to offer pre-paid and delivery service at both our locations. Choose your most convenient bakery below!

–– your friends at Tall Grass and Grass Roots

order from Wolseley

Wolseley Pre-Paid pickup and delivery menu

order from The Forks Market

The Forks Pre-Paid pickup and delivery menu

Whenever possible we are using electric, hybrid-electric, hybrid-propane and vegetable oil powered vehicles and also a small 4-cylinder gasoline van with a large load capacity in order to meet our own standards for environmental integrity and your need for great bread!

In-person shopping at our bakeries

In the Wolseley bakery this means:

  • 4 people in the bakery at a time
  • people waiting to come into the bakery should stand behind the black line, socially distanced apart.

At Tall Grass bakery in The Forks Market this means:

  • counter service
  • people are asked to stand socially distanced apart, waiting to be served.

Our baked goods also available here



  • Parlour


  • Foodfare (905 Portage Avenue)
  • All Vita Health stores:
    • Osborne Village
    • Tuxedo Park
    • Linden Ridge
    • St. Vital Square
    • Westwood
    • Garden City
    • Kildonan Crossing
  • Good N Natural (Steinbach)
  • Fresh Option Organic Delivery
  • Country Roots Market and Garden (seasonal)



  • Little Sister (River Avenue)
  • Little Sister (Osborne Street)
  • Modern Coffee
  • Mas Coffee (Saturday & Monday)
  • A-OK Cafe   Aritzia (Polo Park Shopping Centre)
  • Springs Church


  • Marion Street Eatery
  • Simon’s Cuisine


  • Fromagerie Bothwell
  • Jardins St-Leon Gardens (seasonal)

Ten breads or more - 10% off

When you purchase 10 breads or more, you will receive a 10% discount on those items. This applies to purchases of multiple loaves of one type or many types. It's up to you to decide! The offer is available in the bakeries and for pre-paid orders. To assure that your choices will be available, call two days ahead so we can prepare your order. Tall Grass in Wolseley 204-783-5097 or Tall Grass at The Forks Market 204-957-5097. This offer does not apply to other baked goods.

Catering - Delightful and Delicious

Enjoy a variety of our baked goods and other items with Tall Grass Catering. Call Mona to discuss your order, 204-947-1297 Monday to Friday: 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

During this time of necessary adjustments for all of us, our first priority is maintaining the safety of our customers
and staff. You are welcome to call us with your suggestions and questions. Tabitha Langel, one of our co-owners, may be reached on her cell phone at 204-470-8570. She will gladly talk to you. Let's take care of each other and rise to the occasion with courage.

– from all of us at Tall Grass Bakery

Overnight unyeasted

We thank you for your amazing support during the past three years, as we continue to respond, finding new ways to adapt to the shifts and changes. There has been something profoundly communal and transformative in each encounter with you, our customers. The degree of kindness, gentleness, and loyalty in these difficult times has been truly extraordinary. For this, we are very grateful, and we thank you. Our goal is to find ways to bake and make available your favorite items within these changing parameters.

Tall Grass and Grass Roots continue to be all about local, organic, fresh-milled, and made from scratch whole food.

Tall Grass updates and news

Keep on reading to find out more about us...

Breads and sweets - at the other end of the phone

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company in Wolseley - 204-783-5097

Tall Grass Bakery at The Forks Market - 204-957-5097

Spring is still just a promise, and more substantial food choices continue to be particularly enjoyable as we wait for the last six weeks of the winter to conclude.

Harvest Loaf

Most countries around the world celebrate the end of harvest with a special bread that recognizes the bounty of that region. The Tall Grass Harvest loaf is based upon the Struan Micheil harvest bread of West Scotland.

This customer fall and winter favourite includes pretty much the complete cornucopia of the prairie harvest season, featuring kernels of corn. All of the grains that we have used in our baking play a role in our Harvest Loaf. Available in large and small sizes. (Fall & Winter)

Classic Cinnamon Bun - loved by all

The signature Tall Grass Bakery item that Winnipeggers love, and have taken to friends and relatives around the globe. Made fresh throughout the day at both our bakeries. What makes the difference?

It's our fresh milled organic whole wheat flour!

These are just two of the Tall Grass front runners!

Our bakery shelves are stocked with many more of your favourite baked goods. Pop by or order ahead to pick up your delicious delight.

Can’t make it to the bakeries? Order from our Wolseley and Forks Market website menus. We also do deliveries.

No time to cook? Grass Roots has it all!

Appetizers, pickles, preserves, soups, and prepared meals to heat-and-eat at home

Grass Roots Prairie Prairie Kitchen at The Forks Market - 204-942-5097

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company in Wolseley - 204-783-5097

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company at The Forks Market - 204-957-5097

No matter how busy your days and nights, Grass Roots can help. Try our delicious range of sides, soups and full meals and then tackle your busyness with a full and happy tummy.

Crackers, dips, and spreads – a wonderful pairing Gather friends and family around the table with Grass Roots' crunchy savoury crackers and our fresh dips and spreads. Try Hummus or Baba Ghanouj, two protein-rich vegan delicacies. Dip your crackers, or spread them thick, the choice is yours.
Prepared meals – oven ready Our delicious dinners, including yummy vegan, vegetarian and meat selections ready to pop in your oven. Using traditional recipes, methods and local ingredients, these meals are crafted to connect you with the prairies, including Manitoba-sourced lean and nutritious bison meat in a number of our dishes.

Drop by or call. Selections change almost daily, and rotate with the seasons. Whole grains. Whole food. Wholesome.

Both bakeries carry a selection of Grass Roots products.


It was a celebration of savoury and sweet – vegan foods – as VegFest went live at their outdoor festival located at the University of Winnipeg, this past fall.

The fresh air experience brought a delicious vibrancy to the vendors market, food court, children’s area, live music and speakers lineup.

The whole new festival experience and response was an expression of a growing interest and evolving food preferences across society as a whole.


At Tall Grass a variety of vegan food choices are available every day, and change with the season. Most items are carried at both bakeries, except as noted.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Baguette regular
  • Baguette multigrain
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Whole wheat multigrain bread
  • Light sourdough rye bread
  • Light rye (Wolseley)
  • Northern festival bread (Forks)
  • Brown rice & corn bread
  • Spelt sourdough
  • Multigrain sourdough
  • Big buns, hamburger & hotdog (Forks)
  • Hamburger & hotdog buns, whole wheat (Wolseley)
  • Ciabatta buns (Forks)
  • Spelt pita (Forks)
  • Vegan chocolate cake (Wolseley)
  • Spelt morning glory muffins
  • Spelt fruit squares
  • Spelt date squares
  • Vegan burger
  • Beet borscht
  • Cabbage soup
  • Red lentil soup
  • Black bean & quinoa salad
  • Classic bean salad
  • Wild rice citrus salads
  • Baba Ghanouj
  • Hummus
  • Organic sunflower oil
  • Half Pints black bean chili
  • Chickpea & potato stew
  • Vegetarian chili
  • Vegan veggie burgers
  • All Grass Roots canning
  • All Grass Roots jams, jellies, and syrups

Any day is pie day

Saskatoon Pie

Pie is a celebration in a pan!

Whether you and yours are gathering for dessert and a coffee, or having the whole gang over – consider pie, as the tried and true tasty treat.

Our deep dish pie selection varies throughout the year. Seasonal pie choices include apple, Saskatoon rhubarb, prairie fruit, pecan as well as pumpkin.

Place an order by phone to reserve yours.

  • 859 Westminster - 204-783-5097
  • The Forks Market - 204-957-5097

Baked to please… Our cakes are amazing

Take a Tall Grass cake to your next special gathering. Choose from our classic luscious chocolate cake, our tangy lemon poppyseed cake, or our carrot cake with that creamy icing we've all loved since childhood.

Each of our three cakes now come in two different sizes: six inch for a you and your closest friends, and the nine inch for when the whole gang is scheduled to show up!

Call ahead to ensure your cake is waiting for you at the right moment.

  • 859 Westminster - 204-783-5097
  • The Forks Market - 204-957-5097


Calling our pie plates back home!

Please return your pie plate

If you're one of our pie customers, Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company is asking you to look through your kitchen cupboards to see whether you might have some of our metal reusable pie plates waiting and eager to return to our bakeries.

Years ago, we began using sturdy metal deep dish pie plates for all our pies, out of respect for our Mother the Earth. Since that time, our deep dish pies have become customer favourites. Return these pie plates and we will give you $6 for each one.


We offer the convenience of several payment options at all our locations:
featuring Desem Breads

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. European-inspired and naturally leavened.

traditional canning

We can do it. Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen takes a can-do attitude to traditional canning.

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