The pies have it!

Tall Grass was a featured bakery in the Sunday digital edition of the Winnipeg Free Press, March 11, 2021.

“Our pies are centred largely on what grows here, locally,” said Tall Grass co-owner Tabitha Langel. “What I love about our pies is we can usually tell people where the fruits are from and the pumpkins are from.”

The newspaper article was written in recognition of Pi Day (3.14, or in this case March 14), first celebrated in San Francisco in 1988, by physicist Larry Shaw.

Tabitha emphasizes the Tall Grass commitment to local. She refers to Saskatoons as the ‘sacred berry’, that was integral to survival on the prairies, and is today considered a super-food which is high in vitamin-B and boosts the immune system. She also remembers how the the old women in the Hutterite colony would say that the Saskatoon berry and rhubarb needed one another.

Tall Grass bakes Saskatoon pies, along with Saskatoon-rhubarb, apple, pumpkin, fieldberry, as well as others throughout the seasons. Every day is pie day at Tall Grass.

Other bakeries featured in the Free Press piece were Lilac Bakery and Goodies Bake Shop.

Free Pres Article on pies