Tall Grass Bakery
“I think that a richer, happier, more nourished life is possible with a deeper connection to your food and the people who move it from the field to the kitchen table.” – Joshna Maharaj

Mostly Weekly

Some of our other delicious bits are available – mostly weekly – yummy items made once a week at our Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company bakery in Wolseley, and maybe twice a week at our bakery at The Forks Market. You will also find a few especially delightful delicacies baked every day of the week, while others are just available on the weekend. This page will tell you – what, when and where.

The influences of the featured morsels come from around the world. Some of the recipes remember the home countries of our staff. Other favourites have been preserved through the traditions of local family kitchens. And then there is the creativity of our bakers!

You’ll find both savoury and sweet choices. Enjoy!

  Look for this symbol to identify our vegan friendly options