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Stories from Tall Grass

Tall Grass Tales offers our stories. We're looking for stories from you, our friends and customers. Tell us how Tall Grass Bread Company and Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen have touched your life. Maybe you met your partner over a steaming hot cinnamon bun on a frosty February morning. Maybe your kids ask for Folk Festival cookies whenever you drive by The Forks. Or maybe you were just visiting or have moved away and miss our baking. Real stories about real people are what bring a ray of sunshine into all our lives. Let's all share.

First customers (from left) Corey Clement, Annie Janzen and Jake Harms.

Tall Grass re-opening customers arrive before 7 AM

Outside, it was a dark and almost spring-like morning. Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company in Wolseley had scheduled to re-open at 7 am, Thursday, February 25, 2010. The lights from the bakery could be seen blocks away - along Westminster, on either side of Arlington.

The first customer arrived at 10 minutes to 7. Wearing a long navy blue coat, a head kerchief and a toque, her bus pass secured to her waist, Annie Janzen came by city transit. She bought bran muffins, a loaf of multigrain bread and a package of organic wheat flour - to make oatmeal coconut cookies in celebration of her upcoming 80th birthday.

Several minutes later, at 6:57 am, Jake Harms came through the door of the bakery. Having missed his bus, and seeing the lights on in the bakery, he decided to go for half a dozen cinnamon buns, a treat for the colleagues at the office.

One minute later Corey Clement dropped by for a spontaneous purchase - cinnamon buns for the guys at work. “It’s strictly by fluke that I’m here,” he said. “I was driving down the street, looking for some where that I could buy something, and I was surprised to see the lights on.”

By 7 am, on re-opening morning, the first three Tall Grass customers had come through the door, remarked on the old place and the new space, and made their purchases.

Ducks a plenty!

The Winnipeg Free Press shared a quacky story with their readers over two days in July (July 25 and 26, 2006) when a small flock of ducks escaped from a local Hutterite colony. They settled in at The Forks, and could eventually only be coaxed back to their keepers by the lure of some Tall Grass bread! Read all about it in this clipping.

Visit your local bakery

The Winnipeg Free Press visited us again in July, 2007, this time prompted by our legendary cinnamon buns. If you click on the picture, you'll be taken to a much larger version of the article which you can scroll through and read.

Here's the first bit of text:

Walk through the doors of The Forks Market first thing in the morning and the aroma is intoxicating. cinnamon buns. And not just any cinnamon buns, but those glorious creations baked by the hundreds each day by the Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company.

If you've never indulged, you are missing one of life's great pleasures.

"They account for at least 20 per cent of our sales," says Tabitha Langel, one of the bakery's three owners. Tall Grass will bake at least 600 buns for The Forks Market location and another 600 for the Westminster Avenue bakery. And if they all disappear (a most likely event), they'll bake more.

And now it's your turn. . .

One good story deserves another. We want to hear your Tall Grass Tale. To paraphrase Stuart McLean "We read all your stories, and the best ones we'll share with you here. They have to be short, and they have to be true."

Send your stories to tales@tallgrassbakery.ca

updated May 2018

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