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Sharing: Renovations

We went through a dramatic and exciting renovation project breathing new life and more space into our Wolselely bakery, where Tall Grass began. The planning process took many years, and the actual contruction came together between the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010. Enjoy exploring some of our favourite photos here. And then, when you are done, return to our main Sharing page or Sharing Archives page.

[February 25, 2010]

First customers after re-opening

Our first customers arrived just before the 7 AM opening on Febraruy 25th, following months of extensive renovations to our Wolseley bakery. Corey Clement, Annie Janzen and Jake Harms (from left) started their day with fresh baking and big smiles. Read more...

[February 2010]

Welcome back - Tall Grass in Wolseley!

"Welcome Back!" is what we're saying to one another as our customers, friends and neighbours return through the new front door of Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company in Wolseley.

The home of our original organic dream, this small Wolseley community bakery had long outgrown its original space. The plans for renovation took many years, and we seriously considered every detail for you, our customers.

We opened at 7:00 AM Thursday, February 25th with fresh bread and cinnamon buns from our brand new rotary oven.

A hearty welcome back to Tall Grass from all the staff and co-owners Lyle and Kathy Barkman and Tabitha and Paul Langel (pictured above).

[WINNIPEG, February 2010]

Open House in Wolseley bakery February 20th

The renovations are coming along quite nicely and we are excited to invite you to our Open House!
Neighbours, customers & friends, come and join the Tall Grass Bakery Blessing & Open House Celebration!

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 859 Westminster Avenue

  • 3:30 pm Blessing of the renovated building
  • 4 to 6 pm Open House

Enjoy cinnamon buns & beverages. Let’s celebrate!

[WINNIPEG, January, 2010]

Renos at 859

It was at 859 Westminster that the story of Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company began, established itself as a beloved quality, organic neighbourhood bakery and grew.

After nearly 20 years, an extensive expansion and addition to the bakery began in the fall of 2009. The past months have been an exciting, and hard working journey.

Led by Tom Monteyne, of Winnipeg's Syverson Monteyne Architecture Inc., the renovated structure features beams from the old Winnipeg Arena, ceilings of salvaged Manitoba scrub oak wood, and a mezzanine full of natural light as part of the customer area. The production and sales spaces are larger, but still cozy. And customers will find favourite and new bakery and deli items waiting.

So what is the exact date? That's being worked on.

In the meantime, check the website, and this web page for updates, or call the bakery line at (204) 783-5097 for a recorded message.

Before all that, however, following is a pictorial story of our renos at 859 Westminster. Enjoy.

Wolsely neighbours have been watching the new building emerge from the ground and grow as part of the community, even before it opens! And we are appreciative of the opportunity to distribute our fresh baking from another neighbourhood store, Humboldt's Legacy, throughout the renovations process. (See next news item, below).

Wolseley renovations photo album


[June 12, 2009] We gathered members of our community to officially announce our renovation plans and bless the project as we embarked on this major undertaking. We thanked the building for all it has provided and inspiration it has afforded us all. Tom Monteyne. our architect, showed an early concept model of the building and spoke of the thoughful process that led to the detailed plans. Tabitha Langel, one of the four co-owners of Tall Grass Bread Company, introduced speakers marking the beginning of the journey. We all enjoyed refreshments including everyone's favourite, cinnamon buns. Naturally!





[July, 2009] Demolition took place toward the end of June and within the first week of July the basement forms were in place and the concrete was being poured. The timbers arrived in the second half of July, allowing the structure to take form.


Timbers arrive, get notched and emerge into a new structure!



[August 2009] The upper storey of the new structure reveals itself as a bare grid, then snug with insulation and finally the outer surfaces.



[September / October 2009]
As work continues outside, we move our baking to The Forks, allowing interior work to commence.

Clearing the original production space in Wolseley. Sale of our fresh goods continues through Humboldt's Legacy, just down the street.



[November 2009] We are blessed with a very warm autumn. Great weather for outdoor work on the big beam.

WIth the beams in place, the brickwork can be completed.

Drilling for eco-friendly geothermal heating, installing windows and electrical services for the bakery.



[December 2009] We're nearly finished!
Here is how Tall Grass Bread Company at 859 Westminster in Wolseley
looked before the snow arrived in mid-December.

Watch this space for updates!

Photos by Kathy Barkman, Brian Hydesmith and Tom Monteyne.

[WINNIPEG, Nov 24, 2009]

During renovations you can still get Tall Grass bread at Humboldt's

Dear Tall Grass Customers,

After nearly 20 years of producing quality, organic baked goods for our neighbourhood, Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company has finally embraced a renovation of the original building. This icon of neighbourhood whole food has thrived and it has become difficult to fit production and customers into the building. The new space has been thoughtfully designed to blend old and new, while respecting what we stand for as an integral part of our community.

We are grateful for the generous and enthusiastic welcome we have received from our neighbours at Humboldt’s Legacy (just down the street at 887 Westminster in Wolseley) during this next step of the Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company renovation. The next few months of the project will unite the old and new buildings and transform them into a beautiful new space to serve you better in the future.

Freshly baked Tall Grass products are arriving daily for you at Humboldt's Tuesday through Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM, where we will do our best to have the following products on hand. On Sundays and Mondays, visit us at The Forks for the full range of your Tall Grass favourites.




Cinnamon Buns

Whole Wheat


Cracked Wheat


White Multi Grain


Whole Wheat Multi Grain


Spelt Bread

Sunflower Seed Oil


Special orders can be placed and picked up at Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company at The Forks. Call us at (204) 957-5097. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we proceed with this exciting development.

We look forward to serving you in a fuller capacity when we open in the newly renovated building and thank Humboldt's for their community spirit and cooperation. We hope you take the opportunity to look around this unique little store!

updated May 2018

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