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From behind the counter to you

We're all about sharing, and while our primary medium is the fine food that walks out of our doors each day in your arms, there is even more we want to share. Staying on top of things at Tall Grass Bakery can be fun and, well, even rewarding. Check back here often for little treats we want to send your way. Read the latest news from Tall Grass and Grass Roots and check out our community calendar. It's always fresh here at the Sharing page.

Past news items can be found on our Sharing Archive page.

Those who are interested in our renovations at 859 Wolseley which took place between the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010 can explore photos and details on our Sharing Renovations page.

If you're interested in Tall Grass Prairie Bread Copany and Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, you'll enjoy exploring our ever-growing list of Sharing Links.

News bites

[July 2011]

Thank you for visiting us at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

The weather was glorious this time, the best we've enjoyed in years, and the attendance was bigger than ever. The Fresh Café food service was hopping and Tall Grass was enjoyed by scores of festival-goers. As usual, Tall Grass was also behind the scenes, fuelling the fine folk peformers and volunteers with muffins at the hotel hospitality.

[May 2011]

Put a spring in your step with a Bannock Celebration

Wild rice from the Canadian Shield meets Prairie Saskatoons

A sandwich treat made with wild rice bannock, butter and Manitoba Saskatoon Jam. A truly Canadian delight!

[September 16, 2010]

If you can't, we can!

Who has the time for traditional canning, the way Granny did it?
We do!

Come and watch us at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen in The Forks Market as we follow our time-honoured steps to bring you delicious local canning. Try Apple & Wild Cranberry Jam, Apricot Sunrise Jam, Homestyle Apple Sauce, Homestyle Dill Pickles, Manitoba Saskatoon Jam, Pickled Beets, Rhubarb Apple Chutney and more.

We're taking prairie heritage from the farm to the table.

Preserving more than food. Preserving a heritage.

[July 28, 2010]

Sunflower Oil Press in Action

It's organic, and we're making it ourselves for all our cooking and baking. You can use it at home, too. Bottles of this delightful organic sunflower oil are available at both Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company sites as well as Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen. Watch the oil press in action at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen in The Forks Market. It’s an amazing example of small scale technology working with local agriculture, positively impacting the quality of taste and health. Left-over seed cake from pressing even helps feed Manitoba’s first organic dairy herd. Use our organic sunflower oil for dipping, salad dressings, light sautéing, baking, cooking, over pasta, potatoes and popcorn. Certified Organic by OPAM (CAN) More...

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Helping keeping the Tall Grass community in touch and on schedule

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"But how do I get *my* event on the Tall Grass calendar?" you ask? Simple. Just let us know when your event is coming up and we'll get to it as soon as we are able. Send it to us in an email, including all the important information, such as when, where and some contact details or where people can find out more. If you prefer, drop us a note at one of our three locations (Tall Grass at The Forks, Wolseley and Grass Roots).
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