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Take us home with you!

The Tall Grass vision for whole food and support for organic and local farmers extends to our kitchen at The Forks. Everything at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen shares the same high standards you've come to expect from Tall Grass, including:

Ciao! names Grass Roots - Good Food Retailer of the Year

Check out the August/September edition of Ciao! magazine, Winnipeg's premier publication for all things related to food, fashion and home.

Owners Tabitha Langel, Loic Perrot, Paul Langel,
Lyle and Kathy Barkman

On page 12, you'll see it! The announcement that Ciao! magazine has chosen Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, sister to Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company, as the 2015 Good Food Mantioba, Retailer of the Year.

In the article announcing the award, Ciao! notes,

"Grass Root's Prairie Kitchen's bake-at-home meals and party-saving appetizers keep customers' freezers well stocked, while packed shelves of preserves (pickles, veggies, salsas, jams) make browsing the selection feel like the no-holds-barred raid on grandma's panrty. Perhaps most impressive are the bottles of organic Manitoba sunflower oil which is cold-pressed on-site, eliminating the environmental and financial toll of hauling by truck.

"From flour freshly ground from Manitoba wheat to mason jars of local fruits, the lost arts of preserving and baking from scratch are practiced here. 'We've always believed in the goodness of simple food,' says Tabitha Langel."

Rooted in a love of prairie history and the land

Grass Roots is situated at The Forks Market, where the ancient trading routes come together, where the soil, the wind and the water echo with history and tradition.

In our kitchen food traditions meet: First Nations influences, Métis streams, French Canadian tastes, early European immigrant contributions, Hutterite and Mennonite ideas. The prairie land is home to all these wonderful cultures and offers them as gifts to us.

At Grass Roots we want to bring you the gifts of the prairies. The land is not quiet. The land speaks and sings, and we want you to hear its wonderful voice.

Whatever the prairies offer we try to work with. Take our beloved Saskatoons - a unique little berry that delights us in so many ways from jams, to pie, to vinaigrettes and sauces. Or rhubarb, a resilient, and nearly indestructible plant, is one of our favourites. The heart warming sight of 2000 pounds of yellow pumpkin awaits us every year. How many dishes can we come up with?

Bison meat is used in many forms at Grass Roots - this lean and healthy meat tastes wonderful - Bison Chili, Bison Burgers with Kalyna (Cranberry) Glaze, and Bison Shepherds' Pie are just some of the delights we prepare. Here again we listen to the echo of our prairie history.

What we make

Fresh cold-pressed organic
Manitoba Sunflower Oil

We’re very excited at Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company and Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen to offer our very own 100% fresh cold-pressed organic Manitoba sunflower oil. We use this delicious and healthy oil exclusively in our cooking and baking. This oil is also available at all our locations in 500 ml bottles for you to enjoy at home.

Since we opened nearly 20 years ago, our vision has been to use fresh, organic ingredients. We have always milled our own organic whole grain flours and are now pleased to offer our own fresh-pressed organic sunflower oil.

Our sunflower oil is OPAM (CAN) certified, as 100% organic, and is made fresh on-site through our cold-press at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen in the Forks Market. The press, pictured here, can be observed right in front of our shop. Recent changes include a fabulous new hopper system which eases delivery and removes the bagging and stacking of seeds. Also, a second 'head' on the press allows for increased oil pressing capacity.


The pressing process

DeRuyck Family grow organic sunflowers for our oil pressWe start with 100% organically grown Manitoba sunflower seeds. The seeds are a special oil-rich variety, grown for us by the DeRuyck family in Swan Lake, MB. We cold press them here at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen in The Forks.

Cold pressing allows us to pass on to you pure oil in all its natural glory. The enzymes, flavours and benefits all remain intact. Fifty pounds of sunflower seeds in the shell produces 16 litres of sunflower oil over the course of approximately 5 hours of pressing.

After pressing, the oil rests for 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator before being bottled, ready for you to take home and enjoy. Our bottles contain 500 ml of glorious flavour. Keep it in the fridge for optimal freshness.

Watching our oil press in action at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen is an amazing example of small scale technology working with local agriculture, positively impacting the quality of taste and health.

The uses

Sunflower oil may be used for:
• dipping
• salad dressing
• light sauteing
• drizzling over pasta, potatoes and popcorn (instead of butter or margarine)

The nutrients

Our sunflower oil is rich in:
• Vitamins E, B1 (thiamin) and B5 (pantothenic)
• manganese, magnesium, copper, tryptophan, selenium, phosphorus, and folate

• certified organic by OPAM (CAN).

Did you know?

• sunflower oil stays fresh in your fridge for 5 to 7 months
• the by-product ‘seed cake’ is returned to the farm, and greatly enjoyed by Manitoba's first organic dairy herd (the dairy herd at Black Family Farm was certified organic in 2007)
• the chickens like it too!
• sunflower oil is readily absorbed through the skin, softening and conditioning it.

Use it at home

Available at our Forks Market and Wolseley locations as well as a few other convenient locaitons in the city where you buy orgnic foods.

Stumped for supper?

Most of us live busy lives but would like to to take a meal home for heating up that is equal to one which is geniunely home made. At Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, our cooks are busy every day preparing such meals, just for you. In addition to our exciting recipies, we place a lot of importance on selecting locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Many of our meals connect you to the prairie. For hundreds of years, if not more, the ideally adapted great plains bison was a key to the well-being of many generations. Today, this same lean and nutritious meat is available to you in exciting meals through our varied recipes. We are proud to provide you with this healthful connection to the natural prairie diet through the stewardship of Manitoba bison producers.

Come in and select take-away-ready meals and complement them with our wonderful appetizers, salads and (oh!) pie.

We're a creative kitchen so keeping a complete list of what's available at Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen is near impossible. You'll be assured of tasty seasonal surprises from the bounties of our gardens and the hearts of our cooks. Stop by and watch us at work!

Take-away-ready meals

  • Bison & Vegan Burger Patties - Ready, delicious and organic.
  • Bison & Vegan Chili - This couple are well established favorites, enjoy!
  • Bison & Vegetarian Lasagna - This is what happens when a prairie gardener comes to cook in our kitchen. Warm and amazing.
  • Bison Shepherd’s Pie - Traditional shepherd’s pie made with humanely raised organic bison, an assortment of vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes.
  • Chicken Pot Pie - Made with humanely raised local organic chicken and topped with a wild rice biscuit.
  • Lentil Loaf - A warm and hearty mix of lentils, mushrooms and cheese.
  • Pork Stroganoff - Local organically raised pork (raised by the same farm family that grows our wheat) elegantly served on a bed of locally made linguini.
  • Potato and Chickpea Stew - A hearty favorite, this vegan stew has a hint date for sweetness.
  • Prairie Bake - Watch for these savory pies with a biscuit crust and a hearty seasonal filling. Meat and vegetarian variations available.

Side dishes

  • Pasta - Local and organic, just waiting for a sauce of your choice (how about our grass roots salsa).
  • Refried Beans - A southern treat  with multiple uses, need we say more.
  • Rice Pilaf - Organic wild, brown and basmati Rice tossed lightly in our own fresh pressed organic sunflower oil and spices and vegetables.


Kick-start your special evening with friends and family. An appetizer from Grass Roots will start you off right. Serving something special with only a moment in the kitchen lets you spend more time with the ones you care about. Simply select your favourite appetizers from our freezer, ready to pop into the oven and impress your guests.

  • Bison Meat Buns - Savory Bison in a soft dough.
  • Bison Pinwheels Bison wrapped in a tender biscuit dough.
  • Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie - Brie topped with kalyna (cranberry), apricot or apple with caramelized onion and wrapped in puff pastry.
  • Vegetarian Pinwheels - Fresh vegetables wrapped in a tender biscuit dough.

Crackers - fine on their own, and really come to life with creative toppings. Following are samples from the range of fresh crackers we make. Call ahead to ensure we have your favourite pulled fresh from the oven.

  • Cornmeal Herb - builds on a base of organic cornmeal
  • Herb and Garlic Crostini - croutons with a twist
  • Poppy Seed Buckwheat - one of the secret ingredients in this cracker is feta cheese
  • Three Seed Spelt - buttermilk adds zing to this spelt based cracker

Dips and Spreads - dip them thin or spread them thick

  • Humus - this protein-rich vegan dip combines chick peas, lemon and garlic to make a delicious dip or sandwich filling.
  • Lentil Dip - This hearty dip can be served hot or cold.
  • Pesto Chevre Dip - made from local goat's cheese combined with fresh basil. The flavours are memorable. Try it on pita bread.

Piquant Sauces - bring your taste buds to life with one of these energetic additions

  • Confetti Pepper Jelly - green, red and jalapeño peppers combine to create a confetti of flavours
  • Kalyna (Cranberry) Sauce - great on poultry and fish. It’s a pantry “must have”.
  • Chutney - Peach and Apricot Chutney combines summer fruits and spices. It tastes great any time of the year. Also try our Rhubarb Chutney.
  • Green Pepper Jelly - great with cream cheese on a cracker.
  • Red Pepper Jelly - zipped up with jalapeño peppers.
  • Salsa (mild, medium or hot) - Made in the fall, Grass Roots Salsa features richly spiced Manitoba tomatoes.

Sweet Preserves and Syrup - It is sometimes said that the art of jam making and canning has been lost. At Grass Roots we take the time and keep small batch canning and jam-making alive. Come and watch us at work. We will gladly tell you what we are doing and how it works. It is an ancient skill we are passionate about. As the label says it’s “Summer in a Jar”. Use of local fruits add that just-picked homemade taste.

  • Apple Wild Cranberry Jelly - if you're lucky, you once had a relative who made this
  • Apricot Sunrise Jam - start the morning off right
  • Carrot Marmalade - tart and tasty
  • Heritage Crab Apples - A prairie memory made with Kerr crab apples in a sweet brine.
  • Pancake Syrups - Local fruit-based Country Apple and Saskatoon
  • Prairie Saskatoon - A surprising relative of the apple, a prairie classic
  • Raspberry Cranberry Jam - just the right balance
  • Strawberry Jam - you can't argue with tradition

Pickles - Remember grandma's kitchen? She used fresh from the garden produce and time-honoured recipes to make pickles she'd serve with pride.

  • Bread and Butter Pickles - all of your relatives used to serve these with pride, you can, as well
  • Harvest Pickles - we try our best to stuff the entire garden into a jar of Harvest Pickles
  • Homestyle Dill Pickles - a good amount of dill and garlic combine to Flavour this crunchy treat
  • Mustard Pickles - keeping traditional pickling recipes in the forefront
  • Pickled Brussel Sprouts - so delightful, these brussel sprouts can also serve as a compact tasty appetizer
  • Pumpkin Pickles - As delicious as it is beautiful, and it pairs well with many different dishes
  • Relish - tops off hot dogs, and many other foods
  • Zucchini Pickles - pickling is a good way to capture the abundance of a zucchini harvest gone beyond bountiful

Salads - We are proud of our salads because we prepare the tried and true, as well as the adventurous and new. Imagine a garden salad with our own Saskatoon vinaigrette.

  • Citrus Wild Rice Salad - Definitely a house favorite!  Local wild rice combined with cranberries and a fresh citrus dressing.
  • Black Bean & Quinoa Salad - A robust little salad that is an excellent source of protein that can easily turn into a meal.
  • Winter Bean Salad - One of our classic salads combined with the bounty of this seasons harvest.
  • Winter Spelt Salad - The amazing spelt grain tossed with roast pumpkin chunks for a hearty winter salad that will definitely keep you warm.

Frozen Baked Goods - from sweet to savoury, stop by and let us take the mystery out of home baking specialty items.

  • Croissants - cheese, chocolate and plain. Ready to bake for special breakfasts or brunch
  • Waffles - Whole wheat, spelt and wheat free waffles available ready made, or as a mix. All of our waffles are made with fresh ground organic grains.

Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen products are located at both Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company sites. Find our products on Westminster Avenue and at The Forks and across the way from the bakery at The Forks Market see us in our own exciting new space. Come visit us!

Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen

Right across from Tall Grass at The Forks Market
1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg MB, R3C 4L8 (map)
Telephone: (204) 942-5097 | Office (204) 947-1297
Facsimile: (204) 943-2818
Email: grassroots@tallgrassbakery.ca
Hours: Saturday to Thursday 7 am to 6:30 pm, Friday 7 am to 9 pm
Daily during July and August 7 am to 9 pm
Summer Sundays close at 6:30 pm


Taxes are not included in pricing listed here. Prices are subject to change without notice. All catering is GST and PST taxable. Payment Options: Cash – Interac – VISA – MasterCard. Invoicing available by pre-arrangement.

updated May 2018

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